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Best practices

Many solidarity projects have been initiated across Europe in recent years. These have taken the form of bilateral cooperations between our member nations as well as with tennis organisations from other continents. Below you can find further details of these projects.                

- Implemented

- New projects


Presentations and educational materials

Solidarity between Tennis Europe’s member nations is not only expressed via the provision of resources, it can also be seen regularly at our conferences, where representatives of the 50 federations get together to discuss the latest developments in the administration of the sport, and to share their experiences. In this library, we have collected some of the most useful examples of ‘best practices’ to have been presented at recent conferences. Where possible, the name and contact details of the speaker have been included in case you have further questions about the projects concerned.

2013: Attila Richter (HUN) - Fundraising Through Government Authorities

2013: Simon Jones (GBR) - Federation Strategy regarding Participation

2012: Sune Irgens Alenkær (DEN) - Adult Tennis Xpress

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