Tennis Europe's strategy for the period 2021-2024 was outlined by President Ivo Kaderka and the Board of Management in November 2021.

Declaring the financial stability of European Tennis Federation to be the “top priority”, Mr. Kaderka identified five key strategic objectives and explained that each Board member will contribute with their experience to capitalise on the professional expertise of the team.

This has resulted in a relaunch of Tennis Europe’s traditional committee and task force structure:


The Junior Tennis and Professional Tennis Committees are to be streamlined under the umbrella of ‘Competitions’. There is also a Development Committee. The Senior Tennis Committee will be transformed to a Seniors Task Force, led by Tennis Europe executive Nadja Koran. 

The new ‘Gender Equality in Tennis’ Committee will work closely with the ITF to apply and extend the ‘Advantage All’ gender equality strategies across the region.

Task Forces

Several new Task Forces will also be established:

The ‘New Income Streams’ Task Force will be established. One of the priorities of this group will be to further digitalise the Tennis Europe Junior Tour, incorporating live streaming and bringing the action closer to parents, coaches, players and fans.

Unity and solidarity in the European tennis community is a major priority and will be the objective of the new ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Task Force. 
The ‘Marketing, Sales and Communication’ Task Force will aim to further enhance the image and revenue of the European Federation.
Also of key importance is the new ‘Governance and Ethics’ Task Force.