European Senior Players of the Year

The Tennis Europe Seniors Player of the Year title is awarded to the top-ranked European player of each age category at the end of each season.

Many new faces feature amongst the 2019 list of Tennis Europe Senior Players of the Year. Just one woman - Over 85 winner Sabine Leflaive of France - was able to defend her title from 2018. At the other end of the age spectrum, Manon Kruse (GER, 35) and Rosa-Maria Andres Rodriguez (ESP, 40) picked up their first ever titles, as did Reinhilde Adams (GER, 65).

Amongst the other winners are perennial champions Heidi Eisterlehner and Heide Orth, both Germans, who have now picked up an astonishing 13 and 15 titles respectively.

The men's list is headed by Over 35 winner Andriy Baidikov (pictured), who becomes Ukraine' s second ever Player of the Year. Roberto Menendez Ferre of Spain won title 40s title - his fourth consecutive win, while Clemens Weinhandl (AUT, 45), Norbert Henn (GER), and Peter Pokorny (AUT, 75) were all also able to defend their titles. 

Pokorny's win sees the Austrian master extend his record winning total to 18 titles.

35 & Over  Andriy Baidikov (UKR)  Manon Cruse (GER)
40 & Over  Roberto Menendez Ferre (ESP)  Rosa-Maria Andres Rodriguez (ESP)
45 & Over  Clemens Weinhandl (AUT)  Monika Biernat (POL)/
 Susi Fortun Lohrmann (GER)
50 & Over  Alexandr Lindholm (FIN)  Lucie Schwab (AUT)
55 & Over  Christian Greuter (GER)  Liselot Prechtel (NED)
60 & Over  Norbert Henn (GER)  Sabine Schmitz (GER)
65 & Over  Frits Raijmakers (NED)  Reinhilde Adams (GER)
70 & Over  Jairo Velasco Ramirez (ESP)  Heidi Eisterlehner (GER)
75 & Over  Peter Pokorny (AUT)  Heide Orth (GER)
80 & Over  Klaus-Juergen Klein (GER)/
 Ruediger Schoening (GER)
 Nanda Fischer (GER)
85 & Over  Herbert Althaus (GER)  Sabine Leflaive (FRA)

* Due to the COVID-19 related disruption to the season, no Player of the Year Awards were made in 2020.

Former Players of the Year

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