One of Tennis Europe’s primary aims has always been to encourage the development of the sport across the region. A constantly evolving continent with ever-changing challenges and demands has led to a dynamic and flexible development strategy aimed at growing the game in all member nations.

Development schemes from Tennis Europe – including the exchange of ideas, materials and personnel, as well as specific project funding, marketing campaigns and efforts to boost participation – have enabled numerous nations to embark on otherwise unattainable projects during the past three decades, many of which are ongoing. Many of these activities are financed by the ITF/Tennis Europe Development Programme, which has invested over $7 million towards the development of European tennis over the last decade, and are overseen by the ITF Development Officer for Europe. Recently funded specific projects range from coaches’ courses, junior training camps for young players, the translation of manuals and study materials into local languages and a variety of wheelchair tennis development projects.

Tennis Europe also recognizes the importance of the game at a social, health and educational level, emphasizing ethics and the values of fair play, as well as tennis as a performance sport. Our mission is to extend the reach of the game to all. The wheelchair tennis boom in recent years is a shining example of how the sport can successfully be adapted for people of all abilities, while our partnership with Special Olympics is intended to promote greater opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

This commitment is underlined by our enthusiastic on-going support for the International Tennis Federation’s ‘Play and Stay’ and ‘Tennis 10s’ campaigns, encouraging the use of smaller courts and slower balls for beginner players, thus smoothing the transition to the full game and ensuring new players enjoy the game from their very first on-court experience.

Maciej Szymonski
Development Manager
Tel: +48 606 850 712