Partnership Opportunities

Tennis Europe is the gateway to tennis for all European junior, veterans and many professional players, as well as for tennis fans. Partnering with Tennis Europe increases brand awareness and enables organisations to be perceived as tennis and sports supporters.

With Tennis Europe, partners become immediately associated with the governing body of tennis in Europe, thereby identifying their brands with the positive values that such a body projects; authority, authenticity, expertise, fairness and security. Companies with a strong commitment to sport and to those who practise or follow tennis, find that the partnership with Tennis Europe is the best way to reach European markets at both regional and local levels.

Tennis Europe offers its publications (such as, Tennis Europe News, media releases and internal communications tools) and the competitions for which it holds the rights (Tennis Europe Junior Tour, Tennis Europe Winter Cups, European Club Championships and the European Team Championships, amongst others) as the best platform to attain that goal.

Our flexible Partnership Programmes are designed to fit the requirements of a diverse range of products and companies through tailored marketing solutions: from direct access to the decision makers of the Tennis Federations of all Member Nations and exposure at our events to hospitality packages at European Grand Slams. For further information about our Partnership Programme please contact:

Tennis Europe

Tennis Europe (by constitution European Tennis Federation) is the non-profit organising body of European tennis, based in Basel, Switzerland. The Federation is comprised of 50 member nations and maintains excellent relationships with the sports' governing bodies - the International Tennis Federation, ATP and WTA. Tennis Europe sanctions, manages and supports well over 1,200 international tennis tournaments a year across the continent including the Tennis Europe Junior Tour.