Education Partners

As the governing body of junior tennis in Europe, we believe that it is Tennis Europe's responsibility to ensure that our youngest players receive the best possible support in terms of education.

Minerva's Virtual Academy: official online school partner

In August 2022, a partnership began with Minerva's Online Academy, aimed at ensuring promising young athletes do not have to sacrifice educational achievments for on-court achievements.

Minerva's Virtual Academy offers tennis players aged 11 - 18 across Europe the chance to balance their school and sporting life more evenly. The award-winning school, which teaches its students online, eliminates the need to travel to a physical location each day and frees up time and mental energy for training and tennis competitions. Combining smart virtual learning with brilliant teaching and community activities, the school also offers a unique athlete mentoring program designed to help young tennis players thrive both on and off the court. Students study the British Curriculum starting in Year 7 (11 years old) and which goes up to GCSE (14-16 years old) and A Level (16-18 years old) - both highly respected qualifications that are accepted for entry into all European universities, as well as universities in North America, South America, Asia, and Australasia. 

For more information, visit Switching from traditional school is easy, just visit their site and click 'Book a Discovery Call for Tennis Players.'

Revision Resources from Minerva

Weekly Revision Planner Template | English GCSE Revision Workbook
Maths GCSE Revision Workbook | Science GCSE Revision Workbook


Keystone Sports: official pathway partner

This new partnership from September 2022 aims to raise awareness of the educational and professional pathways available to young players. Keystone Sports is a division of Keystone Education Group, with a mission to connect international student-athletes with colleges in the United States and Canada. Keystone Sports is comprised of more than 70 employees in over 10 countries, most of whom are former college student-athletes themselves. Keystone are experts in soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, swimming, field hockey, basketball, and 15 additional sports. Helping more than 1200 student-athletes enroll at schools every year, the organisation is Europe’s strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the US.

For further information, visit: or contact Sarah Borwell or Sandy Franz.