General information

Tennis Europe's Solidarity Scheme was devised to facilitate bilateral cooperation between our constituent national associations. The role of Tennis Europe is to host the scheme, facilitate communication and promote the work of participants. We encourage direct co-operation between the participating parties.

Donor nations are free to decide who and how they would like to help based upon their own criteria (be it ‘first come, first-served’, the economic needs of the applicant federation or manageability). All of the Tennis Europe's Nations can provide support, although we envisage Solidarity Scheme as a tool which would be a platform that  provide support to C - Nations (coloured gold on the map). 

There are a wide range of activities that can be carried out under the umbrella of the Solidarity Scheme, including the following examples:

  • Loans or exchanges of coaching expertise, which can take the form of one-off or regular workshops or the provision of facilities,
    such as these examples in Great Britain and Norway
  • Staff exchange programs, which can provide associations with a fresh outlook, and aid in the personal development of staff members.
  • Tournament play opportunities, such as this special cooperation between Swiss Tennis and the Confederation of African Tennis
  • Donations of surplus or second-hand equipment

For further information, please contact Maciej Szymonski.

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