Baltic Training Camp kicks off a new year of European Development projects

Baltic Training Camp kicks off a new year of European Development projects

Another busy year of Tennis Europe development activities kicked off in Lithuania last week, where representatives from three Baltic States gathered to part in a three-day ITF/Tennis Europe Training Camp. | Photo Gallery

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were each represented by squads comprised of 2 boys and 2 girls, accompanied by a male and a female coach. The Camp is designed to bring together some of the most promising players from the neighbouring countries to enable them to train together, compare levels and to save on travelling costs.

The initiative is supported by European Assistance budget with all expenses of the teams covered (travel, accommodation, meals, training). ITF Development Officer for Europe Vitor Cabral and Tennis Europe Development Manager Maciej Szymonski were both on site.

The Training Camp is the first step on a regional tour of Baltic States Tennis Europe Junior Tour tournaments. The first of those is being held this week at the same venue as the Camp – the Sialuliai Tennis centre – before the group moves on to Narva in Estonia and Aizkraukle in Latvia in the coming weeks.

The following players and coaches were involved, and you can follow their progress in Siauliai this week here:

Estonia: Andreas Kuum, Otto Pikk, Elizabeth Averjanov and Mette Jurvetson (Coaches Ott Ahonen & Katrin Saar)

Latvia: Jekabs Stikuts, Aire Artis, Marina Markina and Elizabete Ozola (Coaches Dzems Vinkis & Irina Kuzmina Rimsa)

Lithuania: Mark Griaziutin Tverskoy, Vilius Vaskys, Meta Dervine and Guste Matulionyte (Coaches Eimantas Gruzdas & Rita Romencoviene)

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