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COVID-19: European Tennis Update

COVID-19: European Tennis Update

This page has been created to inform and update on the status of tennis activities at all levels as Tennis Europe’s member nations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent information from all 50 national tennis federations can be found below.

Tennis Europe believes that our sport is naturally socially distanced and gives players of all ages a chance to safely exercise. Players in all nations should first check the websites of their national federations (listed below) and observe the recommended safety guidelines and local restrictions when playing the sport. Stay active, but stay safe!

Useful Links:
ITF Return to Tennis Guidelines
Tennis Europe Junior Tour Health & Safety Protocols
Re-open EU: Interactive Map of COVID rates, Travel Restrictions
European Tennis Calendar
* | Member Nations Map (larger version)
*Some international events are proceeding under strict conditions, where permitted by governments and national associations.

Last updated: Monday 25th January, 10:10 CET.


  • No restrictions are in place at present


  • Play is currently permitted, with a maximum of 6 players per court


  • Tennis facilities are open, with restrictions
  • No spectators are permitted


  • Indoor tennis prohibited until at least 7th February. Exemptions for professional players
  • Recreational tennis permitted on outdoor courts, but not possible due to cold temperatures
  • Exemptions for high performance athletes: definitions
  • Latest COVID information from Austrian Tennis Federation


  • Tennis is permitted, with restrictions
  • Outdoor only, maximum of 3 hours play
  • Latest restrictions


  • Tennis is permitted for all age groups
  • Tournaments proceeding under strict conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Belarus Tennis Federation


  • Tennis is permitted, with restrictions
  • Players aged 12 and under can play indoors and competitions are permitted
  • Players aged 13 and over can play outdoors. Doubles is permitted, maximum 4 players court: no lessons, no competitions
  • Exceptions are in place for high performance players training at the federation's sports centre (they can only play together) and for high performance players with the status 'Sportif de Haut Niveau' or 'Espoir Sportif international', who may also play at the federation's sports centre
  • Latest COVID information from Association Francophone de Tennis

Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Tennis is possible in some areas. Decisions are taken at a regional level, with some cantons currently permitting sports and others not


  • Individual sports permitted for all age groups
  • Restrictions for training sessions with groups of children, in place until 31st January
  • Guidelines for Play from Bulgarian Tennis Federation


  • Tennis is currently prohibited
  • Indoor venues closed, with exemptions for high performance athletes (defined by Croatian Olympic Committee) and clubs at highest league level, until at least 1st February
  • Guidelines for Play from Croatian Tennis Association


  • Tennis prohibited until 31st January 2021

Czech Republic

  • Tennis currently not permitted, indoor venues closed
  • Professional athletes may train, observing strict safety conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Czech Tennis Association


  • Tennis currently permitted, with restrictions
  • Outdoor courts only (except professional players). No more than 5 people per court
  • Restrictions in place until 7th February
  • Latest COVID information from Danish Tennis Federation


  • Play is possible in Estonia with restrictions, but is currently prohibited in the regions of Tallinn and East Estonia
  • Indoor play restricted to groups of maximum 10 players
  • High performance players are exempt and may practise in the prohibited regions
  • Restrictions in Tallinn and East Estonia due to be reviewed on 17th January
  • Guidelines for Play from Estonian Tennis Association


  • Tennis facilities are open. Local restrictions are in place
  • Clubs are recommended not to coach, though courts are open
  • High performance tennis continues, including the National Champions league, but other tournaments are on hold until January 31st
  • Latest information from Finnish Tennis Association


  • Since December 15th, children have been permitted to play singles and doubles, including during training sessions
  • Indoor play prohibited
  • 6pm curfew in effect
  • Adults may play singles or doubles as part of a group lesson
  • Amateur competitions are currently suspended
  • Further information from the French Tennis Federation


  • Play is restricted to singles only
  • Group sessions and tournaments are prohibited
  • Situation due to be reviewed in early February


  • Play is possible in some regions of Germany, under varying restrictions (refer to DTB Regional Map)
  • Play prohibited in the regions of Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria
  • Some professional events are taking place, and professional/high performance players may receive exemptions in order to train
  • Guidelines for Play from German Tennis Federation |

Great Britain

  • Tennis facilities in England and Wales closed under national Tier 4 restrictions
  • Play possible in Scotland under strict conditions (only outdoor, only singles unless from same household)
  • Latest news and advice | Guidelines for Play in England | Scotland | Wales from the Lawn Tennis Association


  • Tennis permitted outdoors following safety guidelines


  • Tennis permitted following safety guidelines
  • No spectators


  • Tennis is currently permitted, with some restrictions
  • Children aged 15 and Under, plus elite players aged over 16 can play
  • Restrictions expected to be relaxed from 13th January, permitting indoor play for all (without spectators)
  • COVID-19 information from Icelandic Tennis Association


  • No tennis activities may take until at east 31st January 2021
  • Designated high performance players may obtain exemptions
  • COVID-19 updates from Tennis Ireland


  • Recreational sports currently not permitted
  • Professional athletes permitted to train, no spectators


  • Play is permitted, under strict conditions
  • Outdoor courts only. Exemptions to play on indoor courts only for high-performance players approved by FIT
  • Other conditions may vary between regions
  • Further details from Italian Tennis Federation


  • Play permitted
  • During competitions, no more than 50 people may be on site (open and closed spaces)


  • State of emergency in place until February 7th
  • Indoor sports prohibited
  • Exceptions for national team players (professional and juniors)


  • Play permitted, with restrictions


  • Lockdown in place until 31st January. All sports prohibited during this time
  • Exceptions for high performance athletes and those preparing for national and international tournaments
  • No spectators may attend tournaments
  • Latest news from Lithuania Tennis Union


  • Tennis possible under strict conditions
  • Restrictions in place until at least 31st January
  • Latest information from Luxembourg Tennis Federation


  • Play permitted under strict conditions


  • Play permitted under strict conditions


  • Play permitted under strict conditions


  • A 14-day restriction is currently in place on indoor play
  • Outdoor facilities are open


  • Tennis currently possible, with restrictions:
  • No indoor tennis, only singles (no doubles), training limited to 2 players
  • Review of current status expected in early February
  • Further information from the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association

North Macedonia

  • Play is possible, observing strict safety restrictions
  • Information from the Tennis Federation of North Macedonia



  • Play is currently prohibited, through professional players may train
  • Guidelines for Play from Polish Tennis Association


  • Recreational tennis (and all open air sports) prohibited until at least 30th January
  • Exemptions are in place for high-performance players and national team players approved by the Portuguese Tennis Federation
  • Professional events taking place with no spectators
  • Latest COVID news releases from Portuguese Tennis Federation


  • Play is permitted under strict conditions, national tournaments are taking place
  • No doubles matches are played in official competitions
  • COVID Guidelines for Sport Competitions from Ministry of Sports


San Marino


  • Play is permitted, observing ITF and Serbian Tennis Federation guidelines
  • No spectators are allowed
  • Guidelines for outdoor training from Serbian Ministry for Youth & Sport


  • Tennis facilities closed until February 24th, 2021
  • Guidelines for Play from Slovak Tennis Association


  • Recreational tennis not permitted
  • Exceptions for members of national teams and national championship players aged 18+
  • COVID information from Tennis Slovenia


  • Play is currently permitted. Restrictions vary between autonomous communities.
  • Guidelines for Play and further information from Spanish Tennis Federation


  • Tennis is permitted, with restrictions
  • Tournaments are only permitted for players born in 2005 and younger, and for elite players
  • Some community-owned tennis halls are closed due to regional restrictions
  • Guidelines for Play from Swedish Tennis Association


  • Tennis is possible, though very limited
  • Sports facilities are closed. Children under 16 and elite athletes may take part in sports
  • Latest lockdown conditions expected to last until end of February
  • Coronavirus updates from Swiss Tennis



  • Lockdown enforced from 08.01 - 25.01.2021, recreational tennis not permitted during this period
  • Sports events included to the Ministry of Sport calendar may take place, without spectators
  • Tennis facilities may open for members of Ukraine's national teams


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