Tennis Europe places paramount importance on the education of players. In recent years, increasing numbers of top juniors players have been deciding to attend online schools which align better with their busy practice and tournament schedule.

In collaboration with Online Educational Partner Minerva, Tennis Europe is providing one full scholarship of 3 years online school – worth €23,000 - for one lucky player from the Junior Tour. National Association Presidents and Sports Directors are invited to apply* on behalf of players (boy or girl) that would deserve this fantastic educational opportunity.

The selected player should:

  • Be playing high-level Tennis Europe Junior Tour events (Cat.1 and or Super Category)
  • Speak English: Minimum B2 Level
  • Date of Birth: between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 (Year 9, secondary)
  • Consideration will be given to the players financial background and their need for financial assistance

Following the application, our Junior/Development Department will make a pre-selection according to the criteria and the winner will be drawn by lot.

The scholarship is from one of the leading online schools in Europe, Minerva's Virtual Academy. For further information, please click here.

*Applications should be sent to by 7th July, 2023. The application should be endorsed by the National Association President or CEO as well as the Sports Director, stating the name of the player and a short CV of their private and sports activities.