Every Junior Tour player deserves to enjoy a safe, positive and respectful tennis experience.

If you don’t feel safe or if you witness something that you feel should be reported, then you can call Tennis Europe on +41 61 335 9041 or send a mail to

The fact sheets of all our junior events also include a number to contact the local child protection services.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action(s) taken to ensure the welfare of children by people and organisations, working together to prevent and eliminate the risks of injury or harm.

Safeguarding is a process of early intervention and prevention, to stop situations escalating. In certain situations (when a person has been or is likely to be harmed), such intervention is essential to ensure their immediate safety.*

What is Player Welfare?

Player welfare is the protection of the rights and the physical, emotional and social health and safety of players.

Every tennis player deserves to participate in tennis in an environment where they are treated with respect and are safe from any non-accidental violence (harassment and abuse).*

*Safeguarding and Player Welfare information does not constitute legal, psychiatric or medical advice. In cases of emergency, contact your local authorities, such as the police, emergency services and/or child protection services; your qualified medical practitioner.