President's Fund

On 27th November, 2019 Tennis Europe announced the launch of a new 'President’s Fund', created to financially support member nations with a minimum of administration.

The Fund is a consequence of the successful implementation of Tennis Europe’s 2018-2023 business strategy. Now in its second year, the strategy has resulted in a significant boost in sponsorship income which has been personally negotiated by President Vladimir Dmitriev.  

Any of the 48 European national tennis federations may apply for assistance from the Fund, subject to compliance with certain basic criteria.  

In creating the Fund, Tennis Europe is able to provide direct and rapid additional assistance to member nations independently of the ITF, on whose behalf Tennis Europe administers the existing continental development programmes.

Announcing the Fund, then President Dmitriev said, “We recognise that many of our member nations, and in particular the smaller federations, constantly face day-to-day financial challenges which affect their ability to perform optimally. We want to support them in an efficient and simple way.”

For further information, member nations should contact Maciej Szymonski

Update: Tennis Europe has confirmed that in the four months to March 1st, 2020, the organisation has allocated direct assistance to 29 European national tennis federations. In total, over €125,000 has been distributed to nations, providing immediate relief for their federations. For more information, click here.