Player Welfare

What is Player Welfare?

  • Player welfare is the protection of the physical, emotional and social health, safety and rights of players.
  • Every tennis player deserves to participate in tennis in an environment where they are treated with respect and are safe from non-accidental violence (harassment and abuse) delivered by any method.

Why is Player Welfare important?

  • Player Welfare is vital to the health and future of all tennis participants and organisations.
  • For a player to progress to the highest levels of tennis, an enormous commitment and dedication must be sustained over many years.
  • A positive, ethical tennis environment at every stage of the player journey enhances each player’s participation, development, health, fulfilment and on-court success.

The Tennis Europe Player Welfare Programme Provides:

  • A Player Welfare Policy comprising regulations that govern respectful behaviour of all credentialled persons on-site at Tennis Europe sanctioned tournaments
  • Clear reporting procedures for any activities which are against the Player Welfare Policy
  • Resources, including animations and information for players to learn their rights and responsibilities to be safe when traveling and competing (see IPIN for more information)

Every player deserves a safe, positive and respectful tennis experience.

If something does not feel right, or you feel unsafe, REPORT to: the local authorities, the tournament organisers, your National Federation and/or Tennis Europe: (

Player Welfare Programme information does not constitute legal, psychiatric or medical advice. In cases of emergency, contact your local authorities, such as the police, emergency services and/or child protection services; your qualified medical practitioner or your National Federation.