In 2007, Tennis Europe teamed up with leading sports research agency SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC, and since then the two organisations have collaborated on a number of research projects designed to enhance understanding of the European tennis market and conditions within each European country. A number of commercial reports have since been produced and are now available for purchase at special rates.

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2018 European Tennis Report

The fourth edition of the European Tennis Report was published in November 2018. The report contains comprehensive statistics and analysis from all 50 of Tennis Europe’s member nations* and is designed to present the most accurate possible snapshot of the current state of European tennis.

The report brings together the findings of a biennial survey carried out in response to growing demands from individual researchers and the wider tennis industry for detailed data on European participation figures. The new edition of the report expands on the original by identifying three-year trends of key categories including players, clubs, courts and coaches. Also included are four-year comparisons of all international tournaments, from junior to professional, senior to wheelchair and beach tennis.

Each of Tennis Europe's 50 member nations has its own page, with details of the national federation, key staff and contacts, plus player statistics (recreational and licensed), numbers of clubs, courts, coaches and international tournaments, plus further analysis.

The report features a section analysing Europe as a whole, and also looks at the nations according to their Tennis Europe membership status. Further information can also be found on an interactive online dashboard


Next Generation Survey

The Junior Elite tennis players are the best European players between 12 and 18 years of age, competing on Tennis Europe’s Junior Tour. At the end of 2008, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. undertook a programme of research amongst these players focused on THE NEXT GENERATION. This programme looked at the influences on why these players took the game up, the role of coaches, national federations and the star players on the ATP and WTA Tours. The selection of their tennis equipment and the brand image of these providers were also assessed. This provided a unique insight into this group of elite tennis players. These are the next generation of top International players on the ATP and WTA Tours from over 100 countries.

A second edition of this research was published in 2012, and a third in 2015. These include insight into player’s playing profiles, equipment consumption, preferred brands, lifestyle, social media, fitness, coaching and sponsorship. The report is still available: Further information/Orders.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. believes that 2015 is an appropriate time to revisit these players and assess their behaviour and lifestyle - since 2008, the whole platform of social media, smart phones and mobile communications has moved on significantly. Young players are the early adopters & heavy users. These players are of great interest to brands and manufacturers of tennis equipment; not only is the use of a brand’s equipment a valuable marketing endorsement from the most influential adult stars of the future, but popularity of particular brands or equipment types within this group can point towards wider trends among young tennis players of all levels. 

10 & Under Survey 

An in-depth analysis of the 10 & Under tennis programmes currently underway in European countries has recently been published. The Survey was divided into four sections: general questions followed by questions related to red, orange and green court tennis relating to the ITF Play and Stay programme. The goal of the survey was to analyse following issues:

1. The role of the National Federations in organizing 10 & Under programmes
2. Balls, competition formats and scoring systems used in 10 & Under competitions
3. Participation rates in red, orange and green court competitions
4. Regional variations and differences related to the size of the country

Due to the rapid evolution of 10 & under Tennis in Europe, this report is no longer available for purchase.