Tennis Europe Strategy 2018-2023

Tennis Europe’s newly-announced business strategy is the result of a comprehensive review and audit of the organisation’s activities, priorities and obligations, carried out in 2017 in conjunction with Reflection Marketing under the supervision of the President and Board of Management.

The investigative process included consultations with a panorama of stakeholders, including staff and Board members, tournament organisers, national tennis associations and the International Tennis Federation, amongst others.

The resulting strategy is devised to be consistent with that of the ITF and aligns with the successful 2017 election manifesto of President Vladimir Dmitriev. The review findings showed that Tennis Europe’s activities clearly fell into three main categories, taken as ‘pillars’ on which the new strategy is based: Competitions, Development and Promotion.

As a result, a long-term ‘360º’ strategy has been introduced, which will significantly boost Tennis Europe’s activities in all three pillars. The regional association will substantially increase its involvement in development, working closely with the ITF. It will also work to strengthen its current tournament portfolio, particularly in relation to the flagship events and the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. The approach also includes plans to launch promotional programs aimed at boosting participation across the continent. In the first phase of the implementation of the new strategy (2018-2020), the organisation will place a primary focus on development. More precise information will be published in due course.

Tennis Europe’s Chief Executive Officer Thomas Hammerl explained, “Tennis Europe’s new strategy was unveiled at the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Budapest, where member nations were able to shape the policy and unanimously supported the proposed focus areas. The goal of the strategy is not just to boost our organisation, but also to provide increased benefits and representation for all 50 of our member nations.”