Rules, Regulations and Forms

This page contains everything you need to know about the ITF Pro Circuits, from entry and withdrawal forms, competition regulations and FAQs, to rankings and guidelines for players entering an event for the first time. Documents intended for tournament organisers are at the bottom of the page. All files are in .pdf format unless otherwise stated.

Tournament Information

All tournament results and links (also those from previous years) can be found on the European Tennis Calendar.


Detailed ITF Men’s Circuit Calendar | Detailed ITF Women’s Circuit Calendar

ITF Men’s Circuit 1-Page Calendar (2019) | ITF Women’s Circuit 1-Page Calendar (2019)

Rules and Regulations

Rules of Tennis 2018 (English)

Grand Slam Rules 2018 | 2018 Duties & Procedures for Officials 

2018 ATP Tour Rulebook | 2018 WTA Tour Rulebook

Code of Conduct 2018

ITF Pro Circuit Rulebook 2018 

Pro Circuit Rule Changes 2018 | Pro Circuit Regulations Appendices 2018 

Rankings Section (ATP Rulebook) | Rankings Section (WTA Rulebook)

2018 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme

2019 ITF World Tennis Tour Guidelines Toolkit


ITF World Tennis Tour Rankings

ATP World Tour Singles Ranking | ATP World Tour Doubles Ranking

WTA Tour Singles Ranking | WTA Tour Doubles Ranking 

Entry & Withdrawal Forms

ITF Men's Circuit Entry Form | ITF Men's Circuit Withdrawal Form

ITF Women's Circuit Entry Form | ITF Women's Circuit Withdrawal Form

Visa Request Form (Word document)


Organisational Requirements 2018 |Organisational Requirements 2019 

Minimum Officiating Requirements 2018 | Branding Guidelines 

All-Inclusive Resort Guidelines | ITF Court Measurements Form

ITF Guide to Minimum Health Care Standards at Tournaments (English) | (French) | (Spanish)

ITF Player Welfare Policy | Hyperandrogenism

Event Security Guildelines | Security Questionnaire (ENG) - (FRA) - (ESP) | Security Plan Template 

Sanction Application Forms

2018 ITF Pro Circuit Event Application Form | 2019 ITF Pro Circuit Event Application Form 

Instructions for Payment (ITF) |Instructions for Payment (Tennis Europe)

Tournament Fact Sheet Templates

2018 Pro Circuits Fact Sheet (Excel) | 2018 Pro Circuits Fact Sheet (2 Sites) (Excel)

2018 Pro Circuits Fact Sheet - Combined Events (Excel)

Officials Proposal Form (2019) | Official Proposal Form (Combined Events)

ITF Scorecard 

Tennis Anti-Corruption Program

TACP Explained (English) | TACP Explained (French) | TACP Explained (Italian)

TACP Explained (Spanish) | TACP Explained (Russian)