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New Sustainability Strategy

New Sustainability Strategy

Tennis Europe has today published its first environmental sustainability strategy.

The guide contains tips and advice for the regional associations' 50 member nations, and is intended for further distribution to clubs, venues and event organisers within those countries.

The European Federation’s plan identifies four key focus areas via which organisers can identify areas for improvement, plan solution-based projects, reduce consumption and harness the sport to raise awareness of environmental issues:

• Measuring the impact of tennis on the environment
• Sustainable Events
• Climate and Advocacy
• Sustainable Infrastructure

Global sports such as tennis are increasingly grappling with the question of how to reduce their environmental impact. Extensive travel, consumption of resources, construction of facilities and waste management all provide opportunities for organisers to reduce the current carbon footprints and to put into place policies for sustainable development.

Cem Tinaz, Tennis Europe’s Development Committee Chair said, “One of our responsibilities as Tennis Europe is to promote sustainable practices and facilitate environmental protection. It’s important for us to educate staff, partners and our collaborators to ensure that our events are held in the most ecologically responsible ways possible. While the European Federation is a relatively small organisation, the Board believes that we have a responsibility to lead and raise awareness of these issues among our member nations.”

In the mid to long term, Tennis Europe will conduct pilot projects aimed at measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of Junior Tour events, and aims to commit to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign.

You can read (and download) Tennis Europe’s Sustainability Strategy below:

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