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Tennis Europe elects President Ivo Kaderka

Tennis Europe elects President Ivo Kaderka

Ivo Kaderka has been elected as the new President of the European Tennis Federation at the 47th Annual General Meeting of the organisation in Luxembourg.

In the second round of voting, Mr. Kaderka of the Czech Republic won the endorsement of the assembly over Henrik Thorsøe Pedersen of Denmark by 52 votes to 33. A third candidate, François Knaff of Luxembourg, was eliminated in the opening round of votes.

A new Board of Management was also elected to serve until the 2024 AGM, with members from Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Turkey. 

Reacting to the election results, Mr. Kaderka told the 113 delegates; “There is no east or west, we are one single European tennis family with a bright future. This new Board is full of strong, knowledgeable and experienced members and I am absolutely sure that they will help me to achieve our goals for tennis in Europe.” 

Tennis Europe Board of Management 2021-2024

Florence Alix-Gravellier (France)
Nikolina Babić (Croatia)
Roger Davids (Netherlands)
Giorgio Di Palermo (Italy)
Razvan Itu (Romania)
Jordi Tamayo De Winne (Spain)
Cem Tinaz (Turkey)
Dietloff Von Arnim (Germany)

The meeting saw record participation, with delegates from 48 of the European Federation’s 50 member nations travelling to Luxembourg. Chaired by Dr. Benedikt Suter, an independent lawyer, the event was hosted at the Parc Hotel Alvisse on the occasion of the Luxembourg Tennis Federation’s 75th anniversary.

ITF President David Haggerty attended the first meeting of the Board of Management where he congratulated the newly elected team and looked forward to a close working relationship during the coming term.

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