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Return to Tennis

Return to Tennis

Tennis Europe's 'Return to Tennis' report outlines the possibilities for play and current national recommendations across the regional association's 50 member nations.

The page is updated regularly as Europe's national tennis associations gradually permit a return to the courts following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The aim is to keep nations as updated as possible and to share information and best practises which may assist federations in their planning as they become fully operational again.

Tennis Europe CEO Thomas Hammerl adds, “Our focus is to restart our Junior Tour just as soon as is safe to do. For this, we need three ‘green lights’ – the ITF and professional tennis tours to resume, courts to be open and competitions permitted in all member nations, and travel restrictions back to normal across Europe.”

Return to Tennis in Europe

As of 24.08.2020:

Play is currently possible in 49 European nations, each with their own restrictions and safety guidelines (ALB, AND, ARM, AUT, AZE, BEL, BIH, BLR, BUL, CRO, CYP, CZE, DEN, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GEO, GRE, HUN, IRL, ISL, ISR, ITA, KOS, LAT, LIE, LTU, LUX, MDA, MLT, MNE, MON, MKD, NED, NOR, POL, POR, ROU, SRB, SLO, SMR, SUI, SVK, SWE, UKR, TUR).
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ITF Return to Tennis Guidelines (ENG) | (FRA) | (ESP)


  • Players are able to resume training from 18th May, under strict conditions


  • Players aged over 16 and in non-risk groups permitted to play under strict conditions (singles only)
  • Children permitted to play from 2nd June
  • Professional players resident in Andorra permitted to train since 11th May, under strict conditions


  • From 4th May all tennis clubs are open for members and players belonging to national teams (juniors, men, women)


  • Play permitted from 1st May, subject to certain restrictions
  • Professional players permitted to train since 20th April
  • Guidelines for Play from Austrian Tennis Federation


  • Outdoor courts reopened on 10th August. Other facilities remain closed.


  • Most sports facilities open


Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 18th May, under strict conditions


  • Play possible from May 4th, under strict conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Bulgarian Tennis Federation



  • Play permitted from 8th May for a maximum two players per court, under strict conditions
  • Group lessons permitted from 25th May, under strict conditions
  • Club facilities must remain closed

Czech Republic

  • Tennis courts open, subject to certain restrictions
  • Guidelines for Play from Czech Tennis Association


  • Tennis courts open, subject to certain restrictions
  • Guidelines for Play from Danish Tennis Federation


  • Public facilities closed. Some private outdoor facilities open, subject to certain restrictions
  • Guidelines for Play from Estonian Tennis Association


  • Outdoor play and coaching permitted, with maximum group size of 10 players
  • National outdoor leagues and tournaments commenced on 1st June, with special guidelines
  • Guidelines for Play from Finnish Tennis Association


  • Tennis courts and facilities began reopening on May 11th, under strict conditions
  • Further information and safety from the French Tennis Federation


  • Tennis courts and facilities have re-opened for singles play only, under strict conditions


  • Recreational tennis is permitted across Germany, subject to social distancing and hygiene restrictions
  • The use of locker rooms/showers is still prohibited in some federal states
  • Competitive tennis (e.g. team events) allowed in all except one federal state (expected to begin on 1st July)
  • Transportation/carpooling to the venue is only permitted under the official regulations of the federal state (in most parts of the country this means max. two households in one car)
  • Guidelines for Play from German Tennis Federation | | DTB Regional Map
  • German Tennis Federation is organizing two national tournament series (24 women/32 men) in different cities from 8th June – 26th July 2020. The events will take place under special conditions (no spectators, only one referee, hygiene rules etc).
  • National division tennis (Bundesliga) has been cancelled for 2020
  • Larger events, such as tournaments with spectators are prohibited until at least 31st August

Great Britain

  • Tennis courts and facilities in Wales re-opened under strict conditions on Monday 22nd June
  • Outdoor play permitted in England from 13th May
  • Restricted play permitted in Scotland from 29th May
  • Local restrictions are in place in some areas
  • All LTA staged and approved competitions suspended until 31st August
  • Indoor courts and bubble courts open from 25th July
  • Latest news (updated 14.09) | Guidance for Play in England | Guidelines for Play in Scotland from the Lawn Tennis Association


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 5th May, under strict conditions
  • Maximum two players, aged 15 or over


  • Tennis permitted from 4th May (all clubs and tennis facilities)
  • Tennis events currently permitted with restrictions (such as no spectators)
  • Hungarian Tennis Association events restarted 6th June, under strict conditions
  • Announcement from Hungarian Tennis Association


  • Outdoor tennis permitted from 4th May



  • Tennis practice allowed for players aged over 18
  • All competitive players registered with Israel Tennis Association may train in groups of up to 10, under strict conditions
  • Doubles is now authorized and people are allowed to rent courts and play in clubs that are open
  • First national level tournaments planned for mid-June


  • Tennis courts and facilities reopened for 1st and 2nd Category players of tennis, padel and beach tennis on 4th May in some regions, and under strict conditions
  • Clubs in Sicily and Sardinia permitted to open from 4th May, under strict conditions
  • Further details from Italian Tennis Federation


  • Tennis courts permitted to re-open from 2nd June under strict conditions


  • Outdoor courts open for max. 2 players.


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 15th May, under strict conditions


  • Tennis facilities open, under strict conditions
  • National competitions re-started from 13th June, National Championships to take place in July
  • Latest Information | Guidelines for Play from Lithuania Tennis Union


  • Outdoor facilities re-opened on 11th May, under strict conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Luxembourg Tennis Federation


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 22nd May, under strict conditions


  • Outdoor tennis courts re-opened on 1st June, under strict conditions


  • Tennis courts re-opened on 11th May, under strict conditions


  • Tennis courts open from 18th May, under strict conditions


  • Children aged up to 18 years and high performance players permitted to play from 29th April, under strict conditions
  • Adults returned to the courts from 11th May
  • Further information from the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association

North Macedonia


  • Clubs gradually reopening under strict conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Norwegian Tennis Federation


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 4th May, subject to restrictions
  • Only outdoor courts or courts with retracting walls permitted
  • National tournaments re-started on 1st June
  • Guidelines for Play | Tournament Procedures from Polish Tennis Association


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened on 4th May, subject to restrictions
  • High performance players permitted to train under strict conditions since 22 April
  • Portuguese Tennis Federation plan for return to tennis activity


  • Tennis courts and facilities re-open on 15th May, under strict conditions
  • Guidelines from Romanian Tennis Federation


San Marino

  • Professional and national level athletes able to train from 5th May, under strict conditions
  • Club members can attend private lessons (1 coach and 1 player)
  • All players able to play from 18th May, under strict conditions (1 coach and up to 4 players)
  • Guidelines for Play from San Marino Tennis Federation



  • Tennis courts and facilities re-opened since 22nd April under strict conditions
  • Guidelines for Play from Slovak Tennis Association


  • Tennis courts open with restrictions (max. 2 players).
  • Other club facilities must remain closed
  • Tennis leagues to re-start in June


  • Play permitted in some regions from 11th May, under strict conditions
  • Play permitted in Madrid and Barcelona regions from 25th May, under strict conditions
  • High performance athletes permitted to train during week of 4-10th May, under strict conditions
  • Doubles, group classes permitted from 25th May in some regions
  • Guidelines for Play and further information from Spanish Tennis Federation


  • Tennis courts open with restrictions
  • National junior and senior tournaments not permitted. Local/regional junior tournaments permitted with some restrictions.
  • Guidelines for Play from Swedish Tennis Association



  • Tennis courts and facilities to re-open from 1st June under strict conditions
  • National players (Davis/Fed Cup team members) permitted to train in specific facilities
  • Guidelines for Play from Turkish Tennis Federation


  • National team members permitted to train on courts closed to the public from 11th May
  • Recreational play permitted from 22nd May
  • Invitational event hosted by Ukraine Tennis Federation took place on 26th May
  • National calendar to resume on 1st June

Players in all nations are recommended to check the websites of their national federations and observe the recommended safety guidelines before playing the sport.

Last updated: Monday 24th August, 11:15 CET.

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