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2018 European Tennis Report published

2018 European Tennis Report published

The fourth edition of the ‘European Tennis Report’ has been published by Tennis Europe and is now available free of charge.

The report is a unique source of data and statistical analysis and is designed to present the most accurate possible snapshot of the current state of European tennis. Each of Tennis Europe's 50 member nations has its own page with details of the national federation, its key staff and contact details, plus player statistics (recreational, licensed and club members), numbers of clubs, courts, coaches and international tournaments, three-year trends and further analysis. Sections of the report analyse Europe as a whole and examine groups of nations according to their Tennis Europe membership status.

For the first time, the Report also has an interactive component, with an online dashboard providing a wealth of key data in graphic form.

The report’s key findings include:

  • A slight overall decline in European tennis participation rates
  • More facilities (clubs, courts, coaches) than ever before
  • The fastest-growing nations in terms of tennis participation include Montenegro, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal and Greece.
  • 12 nations report greater than 10% increases in numbers of club members and federation members since 2015
  • The numbers of officially-sanctioned international tournaments are growing, but there has been a decline in the number of professionally-ranked European players

The full 88-page report can be found here in pdf format, and key data can also be viewed on our interactive dashboard.

The European Tennis Report is the result of a triennial survey of Tennis Europe’s constituent national tennis federations, which was conducted in association with sports industry research leaders SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC.

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