European Seniors Fund

In 2013, the European Seniors Fund was established to support and develop European tournaments on the ITF Senior Circuit.

The aim of the project is to provide financial assistance to new senior tournaments from Tennis Europe member nations that currently lack the necessary finances and structure to implement development projects relating to senior tennis ('C'-nations). Tennis Europe is able to offer financial assistance to approved events in the form of grant.

Although the amount of support offered is limited, we kindly ask any club wishing to apply for a grant to provide supporting financial information as part of their application, specifically a copy of their planned budget for the tournament.

Approved applications will receive financial support for the first year of the new tournament, intended to help them establish the basics needed to hold a successful international senior tennis event. One purpose of the grant is to help organisers create a tournament which will be self-sufficient after this first year. The amount of the grant will be in principle limited to 500 – 2000 EUR per application.

To apply for a 2021 grant from the European Seniors Fund, please complete this form and return to Nadja Koran by 31st December 2020 at the latest.

Please note that late applications will not be considered.