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Introducing...Victor Lilov

Introducing...Victor Lilov

A member of the travelling American squad that visited Category 1 events in Bolton and Tarbes earlier this year, Victor Lilov has made a big impact on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour, winning both events in commanding style. We caught up with him to find out more about this promising player…

Tennis Europe: Tell us a bit more about your background. In which part of USA do you live?

Victor Lilov: I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with my parents, my sister, and my cat. I was not born there, I’ve moved around quite a bit. My parents are from Bulgaria, but I was born in Canada. My family moved to the USA just before my third birthday, so I actually grew up in the USA.

When did you start playing tennis and what does it mean to you?

I started playing tennis when I was around 3. Tennis is what I love the most. I’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort into tennis, and I love doing it and hope to continue for many years. It means a lot to me.

Is it complicated for you to combine tennis and studies?

Yes, it is pretty tough, especially when you are travelling around playing tournaments. But I go to an online school, and that makes it easier to finish my lessons. Even if it is difficult, good thing is that many of my friends also play tennis so they understand.

What do you like from traveling abroad to play? Are you planning to play any other of our tournaments in Europe again?

It’s cool to see different places and to play kids I don’t usually get a chance to play. It is exciting and yes, I played a tournament last year in Messina and I really liked it. If I have the opportunity I will definitely go back.

Why did you decide to play on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour?

Les Petits As had a US Playoff for 4 spots and I competed in that and got on the team. I really wanted to  compete in Les Petits As, it’s an event I had always wanted to be a part of.

Regarding your last tournaments, how do you feel after winning Bolton and Tarbes?

It feels great winning both events, especially Les Petits As since it’s such a prestigious tournament and since I had heard about the tournament so much as I was growing up.

How did you feel in your last match against Gorokhov before winning the tournament?

To be honest, I was pretty nervous. I had never played in front of such a big crowd for such a big title, so of course I had plenty of butterflies. Gorokhov is a very good player, so I just tried to stay concentrated and cool the entire time.

Which are your goals, for this year and for your career in general?

My goal for this year is to continue to improve my game. For my career, I want to be a very good pro player.

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